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Why hydration and nutrition are essential for the recovery

It’s a distress to be sick. Sick children miss school and miss playing outside. Adults miss work and their responsibilities. Family members have to put in more effort besides their own daily jobs to take care of the sick member. So, it is best to protect yourselves from getting sick.

However, no matter how healthy a person is, everybody is bound to fall sick at least one or two times a year. We get exposed to a lot of people and things outside so we are always at high risk for contracting illnesses. If you’re wondering why we need proper nutrition  and hydration for faster recovery, this article will be able to help.

Hydration and Food Nutrition

Nutrition should be discussed in terms of two parts: food nutrition and hydration for a person to get healthier.


Food nutrition

The daily energy expenditure of a person is sourced from the food we take. For repair and maintenance of the cells, proper functioning of internal organs and for good immunity, food provides a lot of health benefits. Especially at times of sickness, we have to depend a lot on food nutrition to get better.

Most people stay in bed and refuse eating when they fall sick. This can further prolong the process of recovery from your fever and illness. That’s why when you are not in good health, you need to fill in more of your nutritious food. Instead of frying meat, cook up a soup with vegetables and have more fruits. Good nutrition is necessary for better functions of the body after being sick. It can also nourish the immune system so that the immune system will be more efficient in fighting against bacteria and germs.

Note that eating more doesn’t mean eating more of every kind of food but more of food with great nutritional value. Overly sugary food, oily food, instant processed food, food with preservatives are not beneficial in a person’s recovery process.



Besides nutrition, another essential element to a person’s body is water.  Food can help function of the body to work faster. A body loses its water by sweating during its daily functions. Replenish your water loss with proper hydration, fruits with high water content.

When you’re sick, your body loses more water. Inadequate hydration can cause dryness in your throat and mouth and germs will attach to these areas and multiply in numbers. Dehydration can affect the performance of the immune system and prolong the recovery period.

While it’s important to hydrate yourself frequently when sick, tea, ginger soup, chicken soup, vegetables and fruits with high water content can also be taken.

What are some other ways to do when you’re sick?

The most important thing is to take care of your nutrition, water intake and fully rest. Sleep and nap as necessary. Work can wait. Humidifiers can cleanse the air and increase moisture in your house. Doing vigorous exercise or sports, going outside and socializing should be avoided.

We wish our readers of Hello Sayarwon to have a healthier and happier life. (May 15, 2020)