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Why HMB is important for senior muscle recovery?

When it comes to maintaining muscle health and strength, it is a fact that enough protein intake and exercise go hand in hand, especially in reversing the effects of aging and in times of recovering from an illness or an injury. Research shows that the compound called HMB (also beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is beneficial for muscle health too. HMB’s purpose is easier to understand than its scientific-sounding name when you realize that it has been part of what you eat.

HMB is naturally produced in small amounts when the body breaks down leucine, an essential amino acid that we get in protein-rich foods like milk, yogurt, chickpeas, soybeans, and meat. It can also be naturally found in very small amounts of foods like avocado, grapefruit, and cauliflower. However, it is difficult to get amounts of HMB to support muscle health through diet alone. Often, nutrition supplements are recommended.

How aging affects the muscles and how HMB can help

Muscle protein breakdown and muscle protein synthesis, or building, are happening in the body throughout the day. The goal is to ensure that the breakdown isn’t happening faster than building. However, muscle breakdown can accelerate with age, illness and immobility.

Age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, affects approximately one in three adults aged 50 and older. This decline in muscle health can contribute to fatigue, losses in strength and
energy as well as poor mobility.

So, what can one do to maintain muscle strength and recovery? This is where HMB comes in to benefit senior adults.

HMB can act as a gateway to help keep a senior’s muscles in balance by slowing muscle breakdown. In fact, HMB has been shown to help preserve muscle mass recovery in healthy older adults.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in protein and exercising regularly supports the natural balance. Levels of HMB in the body are significantly correlated with existing muscle mass. One thing senior can do to benefit muscle health is to observe a good diet, including getting more HMB and keeping up with strength building exercise.

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