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Why Everyday Strength is Key to Aging Happily

As all things in the world, aging is all part of our existence. While we cannot stop the clock from ticking, how well we live through all of it is within our control. To age strong and happy, from the food we eat, to the company we keep, and to how we view everyday life itself, all have a part to play.1

Being active is not all about working out at the gym

To live a healthy life, exercise and diet is key, but it is not all about that. Being active is not all about working out, but includes doing things with friends, helping the community, and traveling. Even taking up a hobby or two will help aid brain cells function better, thus slowing down mental cognitive decline. These activities are what you call reinforced activities. They give the mind and body opportunities to learn, engage, and produce the serotonin (key hormone in stabilizing mood) they need. And being active in any shape or form helps the brain both physically and mentally by improving heart health. Go out into the world, travel, and begin to scratch things off your bucket list, and maybe bring a friend along.2, 3

Relationships and Finding those with similar interests

It is human for us to want to see the days where responsibilities are not required and do only the things that make us happy. Along the way, finding like minded people, developing strong relationships, and having caring family makes it all the better. Happiness has a significant impact on how well we age. Loneliness makes life shorter is just not a saying, it is actually quite harmful to the quality of life. Loneliness has been said to be as harmful as chronic physical illnesses, diabetes, and hypertension. Also when you find people that truly care for you, when you do face an illness, getting through them can become easier.1, 3

Food for Thought

Even if we are still young at heart once we are older, we still have a body to take care of. Just by paying a little more attention to what we eat can greatly lower the risk of illnesses that are associated with aging. In the end, you need a healthy body to keep up with your young mind. You do not have to really do much nor have to follow any of social media’s popular food trends. Just avoid eating too much overly processed meats and packaged foods which tend to be loaded with sugars and sodium. Make being healthy a priority and include more servings of dark colored fresh fruits, vegetables, or foods rich in  fiber and carotenoids.1, 2

Before making any major physical activity change or subscribing to a diet plan to maximise effectiveness and reduce injuries, always seek a medical professional’s advice first to avoid injuries and health hazards. Moreover, reaching for nutritional supplements like Ensure will help cover nutrients that you are missing out on. Ensure has been scientifically formulated to fit a senior’s nutritional needs to help maintain everyday strength with Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D & K and HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate, a metabolite of leucine for muscle building).1