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Why caring for muscles is important in recovery?

The expression of little exercise consistently is better than none at all is quite true. Maybe it was because of certain health conditions like pain, injuries, or just changing habits, it is the more reason to believe that exercise (or lack of) has no age limit. Exercise is a key to longevity and if a regular regime is not included in a senior’s life, they have more risk of falls, hearth issues, and major loss of independence due to muscle weakness or loss (Sarcopenia). Today we will explore 3 common myths about aging and exercising with alternative supporting options to support muscle health.1, 4

Common Myths about Aging and Exercising

Physical activity becomes more important as you age, even if it is only part of longevity and muscle health, it is quite significant. Many beliefs, ranging from worry of injuries to exercising just for the youthful, are more demotivating than not.

Common Myth 1: “I am too old or weak to exercise.”

The truth is some form of exercise appropriate for your starting physical ability can greatly improve pain management, self-confidence, and especially muscle strength. Low impact exercises like walking, swimming, and some cardio routines are safe for seniors over 70. They do not cause too much strain on joints and some of them, like resistance bands, light weights, or aerobics can be done from the comfort of your home, especially if you are recovering from an illness.1, 2

Common Myth 2: “Exercise will only put me at a greater risk of injuries at my age.”

If exercise is done safely and ones chosen are appropriate for your starting physical ability, regular exercise builds strength. It also especially combats muscle loss, improves stamina, and balance, thus reducing your risk of future injuries. Starting with two safe resistance training sessions per week, which one depends on the advice of a doctor, with the assistance of a machine, when possible, it will help counteract Sarcopenia.1, 2, 3

Common Myth 3: “Exercise is so boring! What is the point? I am old, let it be!”

Even if fitness never really interested you or your loved one, physical activity improves mood by reducing inflammation and releasing mood improving endorphins. Listening to music, choosing to walk instead of driving, enlist friends to join you in daily activities, or doing it through healthy eating are all options to get you to work on your muscles. Important nutrients for muscle recovery are high quality proteins (eg. freshwater fish, organic chicken, legumes, eggs), HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate, a metabolite of amino acid leucine responsible for muscle preservation), immune improving antioxidant foods (eg. blueberries, citrus fruits, spinach), whole grains, and replace junk snacks with nuts and fruits.1, 3, 4

Reasons for caring for muscles is important for recovery or muscle building are endless, but all beneficial. But at times, getting all that you need, especially nutrients, can be difficult. That is why Ensure Gold, #1 Nutritional Supplement Drink In the world, provides a well-rounded nutritional support with high quality protein, 28 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D and Calcium, and HMB in Ensure Gold with HMB. HMB is found in very little quantities in food, Ensure Gold with HMB has been formulated to provide 1.5 grams of daily recommended HMB per two servings. By adding Ensure Gold with HMB to yours or a loved one’s life, muscle strength can be greatly improved and live a desired and full life. 3, 4

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