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Ways to combat age-related muscle loss

Many would wish for a long life, but wouldn’t you think it is better to wish for a healthy life? A healthy life where muscle strength is kept consistent or the loss slowed down keeps you strong to keep doing what you love!2


Turn that 52 into 25 Again! 3 Select Ways to Combat Age Related Muscle Loss


The word retirement sometimes makes everything sound old, but it is all in what meaning you attach to it. That goes the same for taking care of yourself and your muscles. Because physical aging is just not based on one thing, you might wonder as a senior if starting a certain regime of diet and exercise would be more of a challenge for muscle health.4 Technically your body’s muscle mass and strength peaks at age 25 and fluctuates downwards very gradually.

  1. Routine & Regular Exercise
    Seniors who have had an active lifestyle in their younger years or at least up towards transitioning into the senior years, are least susceptible to inflammatory damages. Push as you might when you were younger, you recovered well, but as you age you even begin to contemplate the choice between the stairs or the elevator. Do not be discouraged because some activity is better than none at all. For seniors, unless experienced, resistance type exercises are recommended. It will improve their muscle functions and slow down the loss.
  2. Less Hungry? Eat Well to Age Well
    Buffets, hotpots, and snackings in between, if it is food, you would eat it as a young adult, but when you are in your 40s and 70s, you feel like only eating if you really have to. This is because adults between that age eat around 25% less and that in turn lessen the protein intake. Protein is required for muscle strength because when they are broken down, they provide the certain types of amino acids for synthesis of muscle proteins that are important for staying strong and living well. With the help of dietary protein supplements, a suggested servings of 20 grams of it per meal. If solid foods are difficult to consume, seniors can take oral nutritional supplements as meal replacements.1 , 3
  3. Consulting a Medical Professional
    There is a natural protein compound that you often see mentioned in supplements called HMB (beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate). Technically it does naturally exist and It is a chemical that is produced when your body breaks down amino acid (Leucine), which is an essential building block of protein for muscle health. It signals the processing of muscle proteins to slow breakdown. For this, you can ask your Medical Professional if Ensure Gold is right for you. With a daily serving of two glasses, you Calcium HMB, along with a high percentage of triple protein complex, to help maintain muscle health. Combined with physical activity Ensure Gold has seen to improve strength in 8 weeks.5


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