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Ways muscle loss impacts the health

Muscles are for movements, general well-being, and if you have it good, it does a number for looks too. But what if you are not doing so well? Are you winded when you reach the top of the stairs? Illness and weight loss recently? Feeling lethargic most of the time while walking more than normal? Here are a few ways muscle loss impacts the health to watch out for. 1


It is a very real phenomenon

The more than 600 muscles in your body accounts for about 40% of your body weight, and losing too much directly impacts mobility, strength and energy levels, immune system, and even organs’ functions. By the time you hit your 70s, you would have lost about 25% of your body’s muscles.2


It’s beyond strength

Because muscle plays a key role in a senior’s mobility, and if the muscle loss is great, they would lose their independence. Weak muscles are not efficient in keeping the body moving. So seniors also have the risk of falls that can cause serious damages or even death. This is not only in the legs, but in the arm and grip strengths too. This matters as simple as picking up spoons, tea mugs, and getting dressed in the morning. And don’t forget your heart and lung. Your heart is a muscle and it needs to be strong to pump blood efficiently. If the heart does not pump blood well, the body will have poor circulation and result in cardiovascular diseases as well as numb limbs, bloating, frequent cramps, digestive problems, ulcers, and skin discoloration. If a senior already has respiratory problems, weaker muscles can cause more complications because intercostal muscles that help move the rib cage to assist in breathing don’t function well.3


Getting a Grip & Nutrition

Muscles that get older in the body respond well to physical activities. As a senior, you can look into simple resistance training exercises to improve strength and muscular endurance. For maintaining muscle strength, look into getting more protein into the daily diet. But protein alone may not be enough because factors like illnesses can affect the efficiency so it is important to be well nourished. HMB (Hydroxyl methyl butyrate), a metabolite of amino acid, Leucine (essential for muscle repair), combined with protein is more beneficial. HMB is found in small amounts of certain foods like various meats, fish, and eggs (eg. foods, alfalfa, corn silage, grapefruit and catfish), but since it is hard to get it naturally, seniors may have to get it through supplements. Ensure Gold contains HMB that is scientifically proven to improve muscle strength in 8 weeks while taking only 2 servings a day along with nutrition and exercise are included.3 , 4