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Top superfoods for building senior muscle strength

During morning news or filler programs between your favorite prime time drama, you will come across various media on health fixes and what foods to eat to make yourself live better. For people above the age of 40, and especially those who are in their 60s, body composition changes and loose lean muscle mass to body fat. Losing body strength is at risk for falls and injuries, so eating food like you want to live a long happy life is a good idea! With a combination of exercises as recommended by a medical expert, think about adding these superfoods to help maintain muscles for a senior.1


Got some Goji?

Often seen floating around in popular Hot Pot soups that are often mistaken for those tiny chilies you see in Asian side dish condiments. Goji berries have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries, but if you like eating tomatoes in food and enjoy dried grapes as a snack, think about adding Goji Berries to your diet. Packed rich in protein (for building muscles), which is rare for a berry, with a good collection of carbs, fat, fiber (for digestion), and antioxidant Vitamin C (for senior immunity) are things that help alleviate symptoms that lead to chronic diseases and keep the body energy up.2 , 3

Don’t reject Kale & Mustard, the dark leafy greens!

At first glance, dark leafy greens look like they would be hard to chew and hard to cook to make it taste good because of the often associated distinct green and bitter taste. But through trial and error and taste palette, kale and mustard leaves have a great dose of Vitamin K, which will help blood clot better in healing wounds (great for muscle repairs) and also strengthen bones. This is an important feature for senior skeletal muscles. Stir fry, steam, or use it as a paste in foods, you can have it any way you want it.4

Yeasts & nuts, why not?

The muscles closest to the bones in a senior’s body are the ones that need protein the most. In the late 70s to early 80s, most of the muscles are lost in the legs so most seniors avoid walking and when they do, they get pained or tired easily. The body needs to break down protein into amino acids and uses that to build, repair, and maintain. One of these repairing chemicals is called HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate), which occurs when leucine, an amino acid, is broken down. Essential amino acids need to be from food. And an unlikely source that provides protein, fiber, and vitamin B12 is Nutritional yeast. Made from sugarcane, it is found in powder form in most of the best nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements like Ensure Gold have 1.5g of HMB for every two glasses, it is great as a meal replacement or as an addition to a diet plan for seniors to live a healthy life with balance.2 , 5

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