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The importance of HMB in Senior Health

We gain many experiences both in physical and mental throughout our lives, but we also face an inevitability; aging. From as early as early 40s, we start losing muscle mass, a biological process called Sarcopenia. When this is not monitored, the elderly can face more hospitalizations, frailty, and loss of independence due to muscle weakness. To improve strength, getting proper nutrition is key. We will explore one of the most important nutrients called Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB, a metabolite of amino acid leucine), which is responsible for muscle preservation. It is only found in minute quantities in real food so also learn how Ensure Gold with HMB which is #1 Nutritional Supplement Drink In the world, provides the nutritional support a senior need to prevent muscle loss.13

Why Sarcopenia is Serious

 Your muscles are responsible for your mobility and are your source of power for strength building. Muscle loss can seriously hinder the quality of life a senior can have. Frailty sets in, functioning in daily tasks becomes harder, and slower recovery from such injuries. This is because Sarcopenia triggers other negative health conditions while weighing down on the muscles. If an elderly already has recurring illnesses, experienced a major injury, or is on heavy medications for other conditions, it can further aggravate muscle loss.1, 3

How to Overcome Muscle Loss with Physical Activity

 Exercise, when combined with HMB and supporting high quality nutrients, is a solution for seniors who are looking to improve their quality of life. Exercise improves breathing and is a great anti-aging tool. Just about 30 minutes of physical activity like walking, aerobics, strength training, and even meditation or yoga can help slow the effects of Sarcopenia. Exercise increases the functionality of muscles by increasing blood flow, thus the proper distribution of nutrients, efficiency of nutrient absorption, and immunity fighting cells to fight off infections. Strength training (eg. weight free or light weights, resistance bands and machine free movement routines) improves the health of an elderly’s bones, thus making them less prone to injuries. But before starting on a program, consult a Medical Professional to see what best fits you or a loved one you are taking care of.1, 2

How to Overcome Muscle Loss with Nutrition and HMB

 Since aging affects our body’s ability to utilize nutrients, the higher the quality of nutrition, especially protein, the better it is for us. Protein breaks down easily and HMB is what will help preserve them. When HMB rich foods are combined with high quality proteins, you are assured your muscles are getting what they need to stay healthy. HMB rich food examples are avocados, broccolis, eggs, and beef steaks. And alternatively, when you eat high quality protein foods like milk, yogurt, soybeans, and chicken, your body will naturally produce HMB when it breaks down leucine essential amino acid. 3, 4

Though the more natural the food is, the better for you it is to consume, HMB is unfortunately difficult to get efficiently through food. You may have been able to eat 1.3 kilograms of beef steak in your youth to get 1.5 grams of HMB, it is not that possible in your golden years. Understanding the importance of providing the right amount of daily HMB for seniors, Ensure Gold with HMB has been formulated from 15 years of research to provide a complete and balanced nutrition for a more well-rounded support. Within just two servings per day, a senior can receive 1.5 grams of HMB and see improvements in muscle health in eight weeks and continue to do what they love.3, 4

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