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The importance of everyday strength in aging

Metaphorically and biologically, though you cannot stop the lords of time, you should never think of aging as walking towards a journey’s end. It is the beginning of a new era and the smart choices you make like your mindset, diet, and physical activity will greatly affect how well you age. In other words, if you do not prevent or slow down the effects of muscle loss due to aging, we can lose mobility and thus not enjoy aging. This natural muscle loss is called sarcopenia and preventing it goes beyond a healthy diet and exercise.1, 7

Have a hobby and work on your dreams

Stress that is unmonitored over a long period of time is never good for anyone at any age. Stress hormones cause inflammation, which prevents bodily functions like blood flow and distribution of nutrients to the muscles from working properly, thus accelerating their loss. Adults who take care of their mental health by picking up hobbies and spending more time with like-minded friends are more likely to recover from illnesses than those who don’t.5

Even if you are not interested in arts and crafts or even cooking, joining local movie enthusiasts’ clubs, enjoying youth concerts, and taking up traveling are all stimulating too. Also, with so much technology being more accessible to everyone in this modern era, it will be very easy for an older adult to pick up on video games. On the plus side, if your said hobby includes some physical activity, you have fewer chances of your muscles wasting away due to being sedentary.3, 4

Always Eat Well to Age Gracefully

You want a body that can keep up with a mind that is still young at heart and the key to this is to eat a holistic diet. The saying “your plate should be colorful” holds true to the fact that dark green vegetables and colorful fruits are rich in fiber, carotenoids (vitamin A), vitamin B, and vitamin D that help regulate muscle function, lower cholesterol, and boost cell stamina. A powerful nutrient for muscle building and preservation is Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) and it is received by the body from breaking down amino acids (leucine).6 This is where the emphasis on high quality protein is important. Like how everything slows down with age, the efficiency of protein absorption does too. So having high quality protein foods like chicken leg, steak, tuna, firm tofu, and pumpkin seeds in your diet is essential.2, 3, 4

Unfortunately, on top of needing more food to cover the body’s decreased ability to absorb nutrients, an adult would have to consume an exuberant amount of food to get enough HMB. Realizing this plight, Ensure Gold with HMB for muscles scientific formulation of adult nutrition is here to help. Combined with a unique Triple Protein Complex to fill in for the daily requirement of high-quality protein, Ensure Gold with HMB can help you enjoy the gift of healthy muscles. With the same combination of 28 vitamins and minerals, 12 of which support immunity^, Ensure Gold Plant Based (made from quinoa, brown rice, and soy protein) can give non milk drinkers the same blessings of everyday muscle strength* and age gracefully. For more information or to request samples, please visit Ensure Myanmar today.1, 6, 7


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