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Signs your muscles are getting stronger

If we have strong healthy muscles, everything we do is much easier. Although muscle loss is part of aging, the accelerated loss of it is not inevitable. Because it is convenient to do less in these modern times, we let working on our muscles until it is too late. Muscle loss is reversible with strength training and the right nutrition. It is never too late to start and once you put in the work, you will start seeing results. Here we explore signs that your muscles are getting healthier.1

Motivated to follow a Medical Professional’s Advice

Even if you believe you know your body best, it is always in your best interest to listen to your doctor. If you eat what they recommend and do the physical exercises that they have planned for you, the usual aches you have are no longer bothersome. Leading a healthier lifestyle not only benefits yourself, it benefits those you love as they do not have to worry about you as much. Everything may feel hard at first, but with the right methods, you can feel better within a few months.1, 2

 Your recovery speed has improved

A healthy adult can still lose about 8% muscle mass every 10 years. If you are bedridden due to an illness or an injury, it can be more pronounced. That is why during recovery, eating well and taking care of your muscles is essential. Muscle strength also improves your immunity by having a greater protein reserve to stave off infections. With an improved skeletal structure, your balance improves and has a reduced risk of getting injured again. You can tell you are having positive results when you feel you are more resilient to stress.13

Regaining back your independence

Constantly requiring people to help you up the stairs, getting out of bed or lifting something for you has a profound effect on your mental health. A sign that shows your muscles are getting stronger is the looseness in your limbs for freedom of movement. Also watch yourself the next time you drink soup with a spoon. If you have noticed that your hand no longer trembles or shakes. Or you are able to lift groceries without asking, or you find yourself back watering your garden, or you went and got the newspaper yourself, these are all the signs of muscle health improving and regaining independence. Walking is a simple activity and if you are able to do it for longer and without assistance, it is a tell tale sign your muscles are getting stronger.3

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