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Roles Muscles Play in Getting Older

Everything you do since the day you were born involves a certain amount of movement. You can say you moved around in your mother’s womb, but that is not what we are talking about today. But first, ask yourself, “How much have I moved today?” One thing in common to all that are your muscles. What roles do muscles play in getting older? It’s because as you age, the maintenance of your muscles becomes very important and can make a difference in your daily quality of life.1

 Level of Energy

It is a common feeling to not feel as active as you did when you were younger. You might not actually notice each individual muscle’s function because you have 600 muscles in your body. Starting from 40, 8% of your muscles’s masses decline and that rate will nearly double by the time you reach 70. You begin to feel like it takes you more time to complete a task or find it more taxing to do such things as walking to the store or even as simple as lifting a coffee mug. Even if you have no problem doing daily tasks, you will find that it takes you longer to recover back from strenuous exercises. Since muscles play a collective role, with the gradual degradation, watchout for falls and sudden laps in movement. How to prevent this? The answer is a daily regime of exercise and nutrition.2

Nutrition’s Role is Directly Linked to Muscle Health

Investing now for a better tomorrow is what you should do with muscle health as you age. Although not getting the right amount of nutrition is bad for anyone, it hits harder for seniors. Why? It is because there is a natural protein compound called beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate or HMB for short. It is a chemical that is produced when your body breaks down amino acid (Leucine), which is an essential building block of protein for muscle health. It helps the slowing of muscle breakdowns. The amino acids that need to be broken down for your body to produce HMB are in yogurts, red meat, poultry, and also found in grapefruits and catfish, foods commonly found in SE Asian diets. But for seniors it would be hard for them to actually get the appropriate amount to support their muscle decline so they have to look towards nutritional supplements. Ensure Gold has a unique formula that includes Calcium HMB, along with a high percentage of triple protein complex, it can help seniors maintain muscle health. With a recommended serving of two glasses a day, Ensure Gold gives you up to 1.5g of HMB and if consistent, you may see an improvement in strength in eight weeks. Besure to check with your Medical Professional before you or your elderly begins an exercise plan with servings of Ensure Gold incorporated into it.3


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