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Reversing Muscle Loss or Sarcopenia among Seniors

It is an inevitability that muscle loss comes with aging and this biological condition is known as sarcopenia. It begins in the late 30s or early 40s, all depending on diet and lifestyle. Muscle weakness symptoms can range from trouble walking to having difficulty grabbing items and holding them.

What causes Muscle Loss?

Sarcopenia can be considered one of the leading causes of functional loss of independence among older adults. There are no known cures for this biological process, but it does not mean a senior should neglect to slow down its process. A person’s nutrition and physical activity not only slows the progression of sarcopenia, it improves muscle quality, bone strength and even immunity. Generally feeling less ill and having freedom of movement lets you enjoy life more, thus extending your lifespan.  Resistance type strength training is the best kind of physical exercise for seniors as it requires no heavy equipment. Which one best fits a senior will depend on their starting physical health and many can be done from the comfort of their own home.1, 2

Good Nutrition is Key

Optimizing diet and nutrition is vital in reversing muscle loss and promoting functional ability. Health facts point to a balanced diet that has adequate protein, vitamin D, omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids to meet the nutrient requirements of older people. Each of those nutrients are responsible for muscle repair, new cell generation, blood flow, lower cell oxidation (cell aging), growth, and muscle density. It is suggested that a senior should combine protein supplementations with real fresh food to ensure that they are getting all the daily nutrients needed.3

Don’t forget to give your immune system support

Your immune system and muscle quality support the wellbeing of each other. High quality muscles mean better blood flow, which leads to better circulation of nutrients, which leads to your body having a more efficient response against illnesses and injuries. Stronger muscles are better at storing, making, and releasing amino acids in times of crisis in the body. If a senior has inadequate protein intake and is not doing any physical activity, it greatly affects their body’s ability to fight off infections or repair tissue damage.4

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