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Muscle Strength Facts That Seniors Should Know

Many of us assume that body building is only exclusive for those who subscribe to that type of image. Some believe that the elderly should not lift and only stick to walking or meditation. But in reality, just a bit of muscle strength building with proper techniques not only improve muscle quality, but also improves their quality of life significantly.1

 Your muscles determines how well you live

From not thinking twice about going out on a nice camping trip to having as much time with grandchildren as you want, healthy muscles play a part in it. With an estimated 13% of seniors between 60 to 70 have some form of muscle loss, your muscle health determines how well you live. Working out also improves blood flow, which empowers muscles for optimal performance. Strong muscles means your bones are supported more, which means you have better dynamic balance. Dynamic balance leads to better reaction time to lateral changes, thus preventing falls.2, 3

Improves delivery of nutrients and oxygen

It is a given that working out some is better than not doing anything at all. The disuse of muscles is what makes the inevitable muscle loss in aging worse. If a senior works out or does muscle building exercises, it replaces fat with muscle while it improves blood flow in their extremities. The increase in blood flow allows for blood lactate and hemoglobin to boost muscle performance capacity. This allows for greater delivery of nutrients and oxygen around every part of the body. With the body’s declining ability to absorb nutrients efficiently declining due to aging, giving the body the best advantage as you can is in your best interest.2, 3

Burns fat and increase metabolism

There is a new geriatric syndrome called osteo-sarcopenic obesity, which means muscle loss, weight gain, and weakened bones with aging. To decrease visceral fat, a senior must work to increase muscle mass. Like actual machinery, bigger engines burn more fuel so seniors who build muscles are better at keeping a healthy weight and thus improving metabolism too. This is because strength training or weight lifting increases the horman called isrin, which is responsible for converting inactive white fat to brown usable fat for energy. While cardiovascular workouts speeds uf calories burned, weight exercises help to continue to burn calories at resting. Not only will a senior feel fit, they will also look fit and who does not want to look younger than they really are.2, 4

Though every part of your body is vital, no organ or muscle is more important than the other. They must all work together to provide you as a whole with proper strength and movement. It is in a senior’s best interests to work on their muscles because not only will it make them stronger, it affects how the rest of their body functions. Eat right, exercise properly, and get regular checkups. If you are looking for help in boosting your nutrition intake on top of regular food, there are options in nutritional supplements. Many of Ensure products have Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D & K and HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate, a metabolite of leucine for muscle building), to maintain muscle health and general fitness in seniors.5