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Lifestyle practices to stay youthful

Many seniors have their go to method to stay youthful and fresh. Some use aesthetic cosmetics and beauty treatments to get the biggest beauty payoffs. But for a more lasting effect, change must happen from a biological level. From eating better to making exercise a regular part of your life to support your muscles, we will explore positive lifestyle practices to stay youthful.1

Making exercise an absolute regularity

A muscle or body part that is worked out regularly, has a better response time and is more efficient at completing tasks. Making exercise an absolute regular has comparable results to cosmetics and beauty treatments. It is not only cost effective, if done right, it helps you fight against involuntary muscle loss due to aging (Sarcopenia) and improves stamina, thus making you feel younger. Exercise also improves the range of flexibility of body parts worked on so you are less prone to injuries from just turning around wrong. Your heart is also a muscle, so if it is not regularly worked out with, it will become weak and have to work harder to pump blood. NoExercising not only affects musculoskeletal mass, your nervous system, blood vessels, bone quality, and immunity will be affected due to lack of proper blood flow.1, 2

Nurture and healthy choices

Seniors who want to feel more youthful should prioritize eating at least 3 servings of high quality protein rich foods a day to counteract the body’s diminished efficiency of using it due to aging. Protein is what supports the maintenance of muscle and improving strength. Muscles that are well nourished, are more functional, thus helping a senior maintain independence. Stronger muscles help with posture and a part of looking youthful is self presentation.3, 4

Even on the best of days, food alone is not enough and seniors need the help of nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements like Ensure Gold with HMB are backed by over 50 clinical studies and 30 years of scientific research to provide a senior with a complete and balanced diet. Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) is produced by the body when it consumes protein. HMB slows muscle aging by supporting its resilience. Since HMB is found only in very small amounts in food, it is difficult for a senior to consume enough servings. Just two servings of Ensure contains 1.5 grams of HMB, equal to the same amount received from 750 slices of fish, t is a convenient nutritional support in making healthier choices.3, 4, 5, 6

Destressing and prioritizing good sleep

One of the most important foundations of staying youthful is minimizing stress and a good night’s sleep. A good way to destress is to take short breaks from daily tasks, sit down, walk around, or do some stretches to relieve discomfort. You are also most likely to be less stressed if you have had a good night’s rest. Sleep is restorative by giving your skin and body a chance to turnover stress free. The less sleep a senior has, the body has less time to recover from the day’s stress, thus exhausting the cells to burn out faster. The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to be physically active during the day and make healthy diet choices. Healthy lifestyle changes are for the better. It can help you fight against rapid aging, especially in the muscles, and improve strength so that you can enjoy life more well into your late 60s.1, 2

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