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Inadequate or improper nutrition can be dangerous in elderly patients with respiratory infections

Nutritions that we take in our body is essential for every part of the body. Diet and lifestyle of a person can tell the health of the organs inside that person. Respiratory health is included within the organs mentioned. Why we are putting great emphasis on this is because together with outbreak of infectious diseases , there will also be community spread of seasonal flu in a few weeks time. Respiratory health has become increasingly important because this can especially affect elderly people.

The role of the respiratory tract is to ensure adequate oxygen in the body so problems within this system can put a stop to all the functions of the body.

In this article, we will be discussing how elderly people should be eating for good respiratory health and how to speed up recovery in case of unavoidable respiratory infections.

What are some respiratory diseases that elderly people are more susceptible to?

  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Common colds, flus
  • Lower respiratory tract infections
  • Pneumonia


How elderly patients can recover from respiratory problems

Check calories intake – Weight control should be done for respiratory health. Proper checking of daily calorie intake should be done. The reason is being overweight and obesity can lead to a number of respiratory problems.

In contrast, inadequate calories can lead to symptoms such as exhaustion and increased hunger. That’s why the calorie intake should be balanced and checked. If there is difficulty calculating calories for elderly people, fortified supplements and meal replacements with proper adequate nutrition designed for elderly people can be a great alternative.

Good immune system is absolutely necessary for times of disease outbreaks. Elderly people with high calorific requirement will need immune enhancing nutrients such as proteins, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D in their daily diet.

A good diet for older adults should include rice, bread, fruits, vegetables, lean meat with less unhealthy fat. Use less oil for frying vegetables. Steam meat with no oil.

Ensure adequate protein consumption – Both strong immune system and respiratory health during recovery need protein. Older adults on recovery from respiratory diseases should have chicken, milk, cheese, eggs, pea, and nuts in their diet.

Older adults can sometimes have difficulty taking meaty diet because of the smell. For conditions like this, supplements and meal replacements fortified with proteins can be prepared for them in order to improve their respiratory health.

Prepare smaller portions – People on recovery can have a hard time digesting the food. Smaller portions can help with difficulty in breathing while on the road of recovering from respiratory illnesses.

Frequent and small portions should be taken to speed up recovery while being well nourished.

Prepare home cooked food – Avoid outside food, instant processed food as a diet staple for recovering elderly patients. The best food are those cooked warm, with healthy oil and full of nutrition.

Reduce salt intake – Salty food can cause water retention and bloating. This can exacerbate breathing problems.

Practice breathing exercises – Early morning, after lunch, after dinner, regularly practice breathing exercises.

Taking great care of the facts mentioned above can significantly improve the recovery in older people. Elderly on the verge of recovery can have a week immune system, which is a welcoming sign for the serious infections and cause re-infection. Poor nutrition can not only prolong the recovery period but also be life-threatening.

Declining resistance of the body due to old age can be helped much with great nutrition and love and care, especially in times of Covid-19 outbreak.


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