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Important Nutrients to Stay Fit During Your Golden Years

We really cannot ignore Father Time, but it is up to us how well we deal with aging. As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’, what we eat will determine how healthy of a life we lead. The lucky few can live life as is and eat what they want and still live long lives, but for us we need to take better care. Here are a couple of takes on what nutrients are best for staying fit during our golden years.1

Keep it whole and choose quality over quantity

If you have heard of the term ‘empty calories’, then you know that high caloric foods does not mean it is good for you. Our metabolic rates slow down as we age so we need less calories. But we need twice the nutritional intake because our bodies ability to process them efficiently diminishes. And the fact that nutrient dense foods have higher quality vitamins and minerals with high fiber content to keep you fuller longer. Also the higher quality the nutrition is, the better it supports the body’s immune system and lowering cholesterol level. It is not that you have to cut out sweets, salty, or fried foods. You can still have them in reduced quantities.2, 3

Load up on Vitamins B, C, D, Calcium, and Fatty Acids

Vitamins and other essential nutrients are not only beneficial to the specifics that are often associated with them, but work hand in hand for your body as a whole. Calcium for quality and Vitamin D for strength, strong bones will produce healthy red blood cells and immunity supporting white blood cells. While the increased blood flow reduces inflammation, Vitamin B supports red blood cell health to improve nerve function. With better working muscles, your heart does not have to overwork itself to help your body function. There are many other beneficial vitamins and minerals, but the key word here is balance. A balanced diet equals a healthier and longer life.1, 2

 Healthy does not mean bland

Most seniors refuse to change their diet because they feel that healthy food is bland and colorless. And if we do try to eat our vegetables and fruits, Myanmar people tend to dip them in overly salty sauces and powders or use MSG to make up for the lost flavour. Excessive salt can lead to high blood pressure. With a little bit of encouragement, healthy food is actually colorful and more enjoyable. The trope that unhealthy foods are tastier is because they are loaded with sodium, sugars, and fats to cover up how little nutrition they have. If you can, season food naturally with seasonal herbs and spices or when eating out, pick fresh mix options vs. fried.1, 3

Keep it whole, keep it fresh, and exercise right may seem like a never ending record that keeps repeating, but there is a reason for it. It is because they work and are the bedrock of what will help you stay fit during your golden year. With a bit of trial and error, we can all live healthy and long lives. Also find support where you can to maximize results and avoid any injuries. You can also look towards nutritional supplements to fill in where you need like products from Ensure. Enriched with all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber a senior needs, it will help maintain their muscle health and general fitness.4