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How to determine your muscle age and how to age-proof your muscles

We often think that losing muscle only happens to us when we reach retirement age. It actually starts happening in your late 30s and you can start losing about 8% of muscle mass every ten years from then. Due to other preoccupations in your life that affect diet and exercise, your muscles may be aging faster than your biological age. Here we explore how to determine your ‘muscle age’ and how to age proof them.1

What is muscle age?

The age of your muscles is an indication of your strength and performance of the muscles in the lower limbs versus your actual biological age. Simply put, it is how old you feel compared to how old you really are. You can actually determine your muscle age by simply performing a sit to stand test.1, 2

Stand4Strength Muscle Age Calculator

  1. Pick a chair you can comfortably sit with your feet touching the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees angle.
  2. Using a timer, time yourself doing 5 sit to standing with both legs and arms folded as fast as you can.
  3. Enter your time, age, and gender in this muscle age calculator2 to get your final muscle age.
  4. Do not strain yourself and be mindful of discomfort in the knees or recent injuries. Have family or friends help you time and record for accuracy.

Age Proofing Your Muscles

Since our muscle strength indicates our overall health, we need to be proactive in age proofing them early.1, 3

 With Nutrition: With a food variety rich diet, make sure to include plenty of protein and key nutrients like Vitamin D to slow down muscle loss. It also improves bone strength to support your overall structure.

With Exercise: Minimum of at least 150 minutes a week, seniors can do resistance training in 10 to 15 intervals, brisk walking, Tai Chi sessions, light stretches, and Yoga to preserve muscle strength.

HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate): a metabolite of essential amino acid leucine that bodyguards your muscles. HMB is found in such small quantities in natural foods that a supplement is required for the elderly to get enough of. Compared to consuming 6,500 servings of cauliflower, 2 servings of Ensure Gold has 1.5g of HMB. Also enriched with 28 vitamins and minerals, you can age proof your muscles when taken along with food and exercise.