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As more areas of your body and mind develop as you age, so does your immunity. Depending on circumstances, you might not feel you bounce back as well as you did in your youth from illnesses. Why does immunity change as you age? Here are Five reasons why seniors will want to improve their immunity.

  1.  Because it is inevitable
    You will want to work on improving your immune system because it becomes slower to respond as you age. You may develop an autoimmune disorder, depending on genetics and lifestyle. Because you have fewer active immune cells, your injuries will heal slower and thus increase recovery periods. To do this, stay up to date on vaccines, get physical, eat healthy, quite your vices, and set up your living space to aid you. And most importantly, communicate with them and encourage them to communicate with others because mental health is also affected in aging.1,
  2. Because of hormones and unmanaged chronic conditions
    You will need all that you can to keep yourself healthy. Hormonal changes affect sleep quality in a senior, and if they don’t have good sleep, their immunity T-Cells will not function properly. You will want to manage your immune system because as it is already affected by natural aging, you might have other complications that could make it go out faster. If you have Diabetes, hypertension, and other respiratory ailments, immunity gives that extra layer of protection from potential infections that can make side effects from those issues.2,   
  3. Because you maybe already recovering from something major
    Management is always better than finding a cure in later stages. As your body has less defence against pathogens, it is of no question to want to improve your immunity. First step is to limit contact with other people besides the primary caregiver. Sanitation of surfaces and commonly used items helps a senior not get infected and the caregiver to not potentially spread it to others. But all in all, remember to make situations less stressful because less stress equals balance which equals better healing.3,
  4.  Because insufficient nutrition makes the body work overdrive
    To improve immunity in older adults, good nutrition is one of them. An underlying reason sometimes seniors have issues because they are not getting enough essential vitamins and minerals. You might want to improve the immunity within a senior because in an already weakened system, bad nutrition can make the immune system work harder and increase vulnerability to free radicals. Vitamin C with fruit or veggies, Vitamin E from nuts and leafy greens, and Zinc from shellfish or whole grains or beans. Besure to include carrots, tomatoes, squash, plums, and mangoes for Carotenoids. If you feel that you as a senior or the senior you are providing care for is not getting the nutrients that they need, you can use the help of supplementary nutrition. Supplementary nutrition can be found with Ensure Gold, now with HMB, 28 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D and Calcium. 3, 4
  5. Because ineffective immunity leads to loss of mobility
    Physical activity has often been linked to overall wellness. If a senior is recently coming off of a major illness or other chronic conditions, they may become more dependent on others for daily life. So if you use nutrition, mental health assistance, medication, and help instilling good sleeping habits, a senior’s general immunity may improve, thus giving them back their independence. Better health equals more independence, more mobility equals better health. Walking, swimming, yoga, water aerobics, and cycling are just some of the many ways older adults can do.3



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