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Equipment-Free Types of Exercises for Senior Muscle Strengthening

While stress in any part of your life makes it harder for you to put it out there to be active, it is actually the exercise that can help at any age. It releases what it calls endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that help your body relax after expending all that energy. How do you keep active and build strength as you age? What if you don’t have time to go to a professional gym? Or you don’t have space for equipment or due to certain health reasons, machine use for fitness is not possible, what can you do? Muscle strengthening is not just for body builders or serious fitness enthusiasts and there are many customizable equipment free exercises seniors can try. Before trying these, warm up with your routine of choice to avoid any unnecessary strains.

The Five Equipment Free Exercises You Can Try

    1. Got a chair? Try Chair Squats
      Working out the lower body and core, it will help you struggle less with sitting down to
      pick things up or standing from sitting positions.

      • Stand with feet hip width apart with the chair behind you
      • While keeping back and chest upright with both arms stretched forward, push hips back and sit down on chair while only leaning forward slightly
      • Pause a bit and push with feet and flex gluteus muscles to stand back up
    2. Roll those Shoulders and Wall Angels
      Utilizing the chair once again or standing, two ways to exercise shoulders and triceps with a bit of core and legs.

      • If sitting, rotate shoulders up to the ceiling and forward while taking your upper body with you and back when you roll shoulders down.
      • If standing, lean back flat against a wall with both feet shoulder width apart and one step from the wall and arms to your side. Lift your arms as high as you can over your head while remaining in contact with the wall without bending elbows or discomfort. Pause, then lower arms and repeat.
    3. Walls for Wall Push Ups
      For your arms and chest, this will improve your upper body muscle strength

      • About 2 feet from the wall or adjust a bit to comfort level. Lift arms to shoulder level and place both hands against the wall like you would in the classic push ups.
      • While keeping body straight, bend elbows to each side of your body to bring your chest to the wall while letting the back of your heels come off the floor
      • Pause and press with your hands to unbend elbows to go back to starting position
    4. Lying Hip Bridges
      For the more limber senior or wish to work the glute muscles to help loosen up after sitting down for hours in a day, this is for you.

      • Lie on your back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor
      • Flatten lower back as much as you can to the floor and squeeze glutes and use your hips to push lift them up into the air
      • Utilize your pushing your foot into the ground, like pushing feet further into your shoe to anchor yourself
      • Slowly lower back down and repeat recommended number of reps according to a Medical Professional or Trainor
    5. The Cat and Camel
      Perfect for back pain, this exercise will help stretch the muscles on lower back to mid back while working on some pelvic areas.

      • On a yoga mat or any prefered work out mat, get down on your hands and knees
      • Arch your back up like a cat and tuck your chin towards your chest while intaking a breath
      • Breathe out while returning back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times per number of sets as recommended by a Trainer or Medical Professional

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