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What Can you Stock up during COVID-19?

The global spread of the new coronavirus, also COVID-19, has made mankind vulnerable, most of all the elderly who are at high risk of catching its severe symptoms. Research has shown that adults 60 and older, especially those with preexisting medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer are more likely to fall ill than any other age group. It is thus important that the elderly be given utmost care during this crucial time.

The best way to prevent them from COVID-19 infection is to let them practice social distancing, for instance not isolating them from loved ones but rather limiting their in-person visits or keeping them away from overcrowded areas. As social distancing is practiced, it is also best to prepare their homes for increased time spent indoors due to lockdowns or self-quarantine situations.

This said, it would be a smart decision to have seniors’ essentials on hand. Here is a list of what to stock up on:

1. Medications good for 1 to 3 months

2. 2 weeks’ worth of non-perishable food

Dried or canned goods: soup, canned vegetables, and canned fruit are nutritious and have long shelf life

Frozen foods: Frozen vegetables and fruits are an easy way to keep food around without worrying that it will expire easily

Dried or freeze-dried foods: Dried fruit makes a great snack. While dried beans are cheap and nutritious, they can also take some time and effort to cook. For an easy alternative, you may want to keep a few freeze-dried foods on hand

Pasta and rice: Rice and pasta are easy to cook and gentle on the stomach. They also have a long shelf-life and they’re relatively affordable so stocking up on these items are plausible.

Bread and biscuits: Great source of carbohydrates that makes for snacks and major meals. 

3. 2 weeks’ supply of water

4. Over-the-counter remedies

These include pain killers, fever reducers, also cough medicines

5. Complete set of toiletries including antibacterial or hand sanitizing cleansers

6. Mobile phone with charger and other devices as means of communication

Nothing beats preparation amid a crisis when caring for loved ones especially the elderly. Make sure to  evaluate his or her needs and to complete an emergency preparedness kit so that your loved one can be better prepared for the unforeseeable.