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It is not too late to improve Muscle Strength in your 50s

Regardless of gender, muscle loss happens progressively as we hit our late 40s. We lose muscle at a rate of 3% to 5%,2 or as high as 8%++ for some, per ten years past that age range. But unfortunately, with muscle loss, you can greatly lose the enjoyment out of life due to diminishing strength and injury prone weaker bones. It is actually not too late to improve muscle strength all the way into your 50s. It starts with something as simple as adding exercise routines and switching to healthier food.2, 7

Why should you care

You should care because the human body goes through a biological process of muscle loss called sarcopenia that starts around your midlife. Muscle loss due to aging decreases muscle endurance, stamina, and speed of repair. With these symptoms combined, they lead to cognitive impairment, which is at risk of causing falls, loss of independence, and eventually affect mental health.2, 4

Cardio is your First Step

Sarcopenia is not stoppable, but it can very well be combated. It is a given that resistance training and lifting weights add to muscle building, but did you know that cardio workouts are a must too? Workouts that get your heart rate up can improve your stamina and improve circulation, which coincidentally helps control cholesterol and weight. Besides, doing cardio workouts on the bike or elliptical also improves your leg strength at the same time. In addition, jogging in the park or early morning walks with friends to get your heart rate up also improves bone strength. Lastly, regular cardio workouts in between your muscle building routines gives your muscle breaks to recover.1, 3

Fix from Within with a Healthy Diet

Both the quality and quantity of food matter where complete and balanced nutrition is concerned. For figuring out how much to eat, follow the Healthy Plate Model of ½ plate fruits and vegetables, ¼ plate proteins, and ¼ plate of grains and starches.5 For supporting muscle strength in seniors, eating more high-quality protein is key.4 This is because as we age, our bodies get less efficient at utilizing the protein we consume. This translates to adding more lean chicken, lean beef, tuna, soybeans, avocados, whole grain rice, and quinoa to your meals. By eating these items, you get HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate, a metabolite of leucine), an important nutrient in muscle preservation.6

It is never too late to work on your muscles in your 50s. Recognizing the symptoms, working on cardio, and eating healthy are the ways to go. For seniors who have difficulty consuming high quality protein through food, Ensure Gold can be enjoyed as part of breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. Scientifically formulated with a unique combination of HMB and 28 essential vitamins and minerals, 12 of which support immunity^, it is an all in one~ nutritional support for strength and vitality. Rated as No. 1 Doctor Recommended Brand in the US*, working in 2 servings of Ensure a day into a meal plan, seniors can help improve strength within 8 weeks#. For non-milk drinkers, try all new Ensure Gold Plant Based Protein. Made from soy, rice, and quinoa plant-based proteins, it is a non-milk alternative with the same benefits as Ensure Gold.

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*     IQVIA, using the ProVoice Survey, fielded 14,459 physicians from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

^    Ensure Gold contains protein, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folate and selenium, copper, zinc and iron, that help support the normal function of the immune system.

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~    Ensure provides all-in-one nutrition and contains nutrients and ingredients to support muscle, bone, heart, immune and digestive tract health.