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Breakfast tips for Seniors to kick-start the day

‘Most important meal of the day’ is what Breakfast is called and there is actually a good reason behind it. It is because if you skip breakfast, any kind of meal really, hunger feels tenfold and you may overeat at the next meal time. Even if you are not on some weight loss plan, a healthy lifestyle includes breakfast. For seniors, who tend to eat less food for various reasons, adding breakfast helps with intake of adequate calories, nutrients and minerals for the day.1


The “Why”

A good hearty breakfast helps you maintain energy levels and focus because if you didn’t have any, you would be spending that focus on satiating hunger and craving, resulting in overeating. Also, because your body has some rest at night, it needs something in the morning to fuel the metabolism to get going. Think of it as adding firewood to a train engine to keep it going, whereas letting it go cold takes longer to heat back up. Seniors already have a slowed metabolic system so not eating breakfast may affect their quality of health. Breakfast for seniors will help maintain weight, improve the heart, reduce cravings, and help maintain focus. And if you have to take morning medication as a senior, breakfast is helpful if such medications require a full stomach.1


The “How & What”

For an estimated caloric amount of 400 to 500, an ideal meal for the morning that is balanced should include carbs, fruits, protein, and a dairy product or two. If a Western style breakfast is preferred, try low fat milk and rice crispies or multigrain cereal. If you don’t want to have milk, have a few apple slices and one serving of peanut butter as dip. Do you like toast? Then try some toasted bread with no butter, an organic fruit spread, and some fresh yogurt. If you want to have some eggs, you can, but have it with a bread roll and some oranges. No time? You can properly reheat takeaways from last night or prep ahead and have ready to eat cereals and meal supplements setup like juices and shakes. If you find it difficult to make choices or need additional help, consider adding Ensure Gold to your meal. Complete with Protein +HMB, 3x more Vitamin D, Omega-3, and 28 other Vitamins and Minerals, about 2 glasses of Ensure Gold a day or just one of them at breakfast, will help kickstart your day and optimize nutrition in the morning meal.  2 , 3 , 4


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