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Benefits of yoga among seniors

Muscles play a role in your body’s movement, balance and posture, as well as your metabolism and even facial structure. While maintaining your muscles can be more challenging as you get older, science has shown that we can all be strong no matter what age.1

Muscle loss, also called sarcopenia, is a common reality as one ages. Did you know that one loses 8% of muscles every decade the moment one turns 40? In fact, we lose about half a

pound of muscle per year for each year we do not regularly engage in resistance training. Strength training is one way to heep the muscles healthy and the bones strong1,4

Yoga is a great exercise option for adults. It does not require special equipment, it can be done anywhere, and it’s perfect for any age, including seniors. It’s just a matter of choosing a type of yoga to do and working within one’s capacity.4

Practicing yoga comes with great benefits, especially for seniors.3

Muscle Strengthening

Lifting weights is not the only way to build muscle. Yoga practice is full of exercises that help build muscles, thereby making daily activities easier. During practice, you’re strengthening your core muscles, legs, hips, abdominals, pectorals, shoulders, 
spine and neck—which help keep you active for a long period of time.3

Improves Balance

Balance is one of the things we lose as we age. The great thing about yoga is that most poses improve balance, leading to less falls, and increase focus and stability.3

Increases flexibility

Among yoga’s health benefits is improving flexibility through its knee and joints-friendly, low-impact poses. Achieving flexibility is something that needs to be practiced and worked on in time, whatever age you are. Yoga increases flexibility through stretching.  When stretching, it’s important to listen to the body to know if you have any pain or discomfort. Find the modifications that work for you. Know that it could take weeks or months to touch your toes, and that the key to stretching is patience and perseverance.3

Aging gracefully takes effort, but making the conscious choice to do what’s healthy and right is key. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to maintain strength and energy at any age, and that includes the practice of yoga.1,4

Exercise aside, nourishing muscles is key. A balanced diet of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like protein will benefit overall health. HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is a muscle-preserving ingredient that works with protein to help preserve muscles. Ensure contains HMB and protein to help rebuild muscle and strength to keep you aging strong and healthy.1