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4 steps to healthier nutrition habits

A habit comes from doing something on a regular basis and can be developed at a young age or much later. And there are habits we wish we could change into something better, especially when concerned with health, but it can’t be done in an instant. Even if we are not aging backwards anytime soon, the key is to age well. Here are a couple of suggestions to look into if you want to develop healthy habits in your 40s or over.1

  1. Do you know what you are eating?
    Does your taste palate find fulfillment in sweet things and rich foods? The thing about those is that they are ‘guilty pleasures’ and most often than not have empty calories and fats to make it taste good. If you really want to work at it, you will be surprised by healthier options that taste as good.
  2. Healthy Replacements
    Instead of that mousse dessert, why not try a baked apple or bananas? How about steamed crab for fried chicken? Or have fried rice with brown instead of the standard Jasmine rice. If you really want carbs, try air frying sweet potatoes to limit greasy food intake.
  3. Anytime or anywhere, preparation is key
    A new habit may get hard getting used to and will take time. Until you find one that will become second nature to you, have many options on hand. The easiest way to do it is buying a variety of fruits instead of many of one type and add a supplement or two. A supplement option a senior can have been any product of Ensure or Ensure Gold. Rich in vitamins, calcium, Omega 3, and HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate), a key ingredient in muscle preservation of muscle loss in seniors.
  4. Patience is a Virtue
    In certain teachings it says ‘enduring patience is the highest austerity’ so give yourself a few weeks to months to get used to a healthier habit. Start small like eating less junk food, eat fruit instead of cake, wake up early, sleep at a good time, add 30 minutes of walking or workout outside and see how everything goes. Perhaps try a couple of flavoured Ensure drinks or replace milk with Ensure in shakes. 2 3