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4 Signs of Physical Strength in Seniors

It is always in your best interest to listen to what is happening in your body. If you eat healthy and do the physical exercises appropriate for your age or recommendation, the usual aches you have are no longer bothersome. Here we explore the best indicators of your strength improving.1

  1. You move easier
    If you stick to a set plan and execute it well, good results are definite, especially when it comes to improving your strength. At first you may be sore, but after a while, your joints do not feel like they are going to give out or turning your waist to grab something does not feel like a chore. Your brain will be more responsive if you are consistent and will signal other parts of your body to be more efficient. Once you feel good, you also start focusing on improving other parts of your life. You sit up straighter, lose weight, maintain it, and best of all, the feeling of breathing easier.2, 4 
  2. Your recovery feels more efficient
    Once your muscles become stronger, your body requires less effort to recoup itself. Before the improvement, a sore foot or aching back muscles has you out of commission for most of the day. Strength training has been known to improve bone and muscle health, which inturn improves immunity to fight illnesses as bone is responsible for producing disease fighting white blood cells.4
  3. You have more restful sleep
    No matter how little or how many hours you sleep, if it is not restful, you will feel tired. When a senior strength trains, it helps them regulate resting glucose metabolism and blood pressure which all contribute to stress reduction and better quality sleep. Also, getting a good string of good nights sleep helps with improving muscle strength because repairs and recoveries happen when asleep. Workout to sleep better and sleep well to feel better and improve strength.2, 3
  1. You feel life has more purpose
    You move easier, breathe easier, have better quality sleep, feel more independent, thus feel happier in general. With physical activity releasing feel good endorphins (endogenous cannabinoids), focus is directed elsewhere and enjoy life. You find yourself motivated to organize gatherings, delve into past passions you have put aside, join social clubs, and even actively volunteer to babysit the grandchildren all while being pain free. With improved confidence, people will come to rely and eventually become the wise grandparent who everyone loves.3 

Who does not want to move easier, breathe easier, and be stronger? If you are doing things right, everything else from sleep to your general outlook of life will change for the better. Without any of the ailments that come with aging holding you back, like muscle loss, the sky’s the limit for you. As always, consult a professional before making any major diet or exercise changes because injuries are common when proper techniques are not used. Also, you can maximize your nutritional intake with nutritional supplements like Ensure Gold, enriched with beneficial Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D & K and HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate, a metabolite of leucine for muscle building).5