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3 Lifestyle Changes to Make for More Energy

Retaining one’s energy might get tricky as we age. You may find yourself needing an extra boost through another cup of coffee or a nap. Even if you have been healthy for a long time, your energy may still feel unsatisfactory.

But getting older does not mean you have to slow down. It just means you just have to make a few changes to get the most out of whatever you do. Here, we explore 3 lifestyle changes to make in order to feel more energized.1


In Myanmar culture, you will most likely find a senior family member already practicing meditation for religious purposes. Even if you yourself cannot do five sessions throughout the day, doing some meditation is found to improve productivity and energy. Meditating gives your mind time to realign and focus. Sit in a comfortable position, breath through your nose, out the mouth, and let your body remain loose. Also participating in meditation groups can provide help in areas you may need.2

Keep your Muscles and Yourself Active

Inactivity in general is one of the main causes of lack of energy in the elderly. Because a body that is motion, remains in motion according to Physics, seniors who at least do 150 minutes of exercise, be it hiking or walking around the neighbourhood, have improved balance, flexibility, and energy. Muscle loss is inevitable, but how fast you lose it is within your control. Within that 150 minutes of workout, get in some resistance training because stronger muscles means more independence and energy.1, 2

Nutrition is important

The top most advice many would give you if you are looking to improve your energy level is changing your diet. If you are unsure of which foods are affecting your energy level, keep a record book of how you feel after you eat some of them. Usually foods laden with excess richness, carbohydrates, sugars, or are highly processed with little actual nutritional value may give you a temporary boost, but leaves you groggy. It is not that you have to cut those totally out of your diet, it is how much of it you eat. With portion control, make sure foods rich in lean protein (the average adult needs 55 grams of protein a day, while seniors need twice the amount), fruits, vegetables, and dairy to maximize strength and energy.1, 2

Making any type of positive change, no matter how small, is always for the better. Even if you believe that you are at your fittest, be willing to try something new. With better health and fitness, you will have more energy and more energy always means more freedom. As always, for any major changes in routines or diets, consult a medical professional to maximize results and reduce injuries. It does not hurt to also get extra nutritional support from supplements like Ensure. Quite a variety to choose from, but all are enriched with senior energy supporting vitamins and minerals to help keep them live fulfilling lives.3



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